In the English language, the use of every word has a “nature” respectively – each so that in English the use of every word must consider “the nature” of the word – the word is called the Part of Speech, which may consist of:
A. Verb
Are all words that indicate the existence of an event, eg, read, run, study, etc.. Another notion Verb is the word that describes the existence of an action or event in a sentence, eg: Eva is reading a book. From these examples is the verb reading and tell him that Eva was reading a book. Verb itself is usually used in accordance with the circumstances or time, so it can known the existence of both V.1, V.2, and V.3.
V.1: It leads to a verb that is often used in everyday circumstances.
V.2: The verb in the past.
V.3: Verbs that have been done

B. Noun
Consistent with the name, usually the word – this word in the English language has a meaning of things, for example: tables, book, etc. Name of person or name of a place can also be said as a noun. Normally in English sentences noun used as subject.

C. Adverb
Usually adverb in English says his statement is more focused in three ways, namely Manner, time, and Place. For the adverb of manner of application is usually by adding ly to an adjective, eg: beautifuly, smoothly, etc. Adverb can also help in explaining the verb, for example: She drives a car smoothly.

D. Adjective
It is used to determine the nature or circumstances of an individual or object. So it can be said also adjective is a word that can describe the noun and pronoun, for example: Barack Obama is the first black president of the united states of America. The word black is an adjective that describes Barack Obama or president.


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